Credit Monitoring

Whether you’re just getting started, rebuilding, or continuing on the quest toward the highest possible credit score, monitoring your credit repots is of the utmost importance. You can get your FREE credit report annually at But annually isn’t always enough. Some of the services below are free, some not, but all providing great ways to monitor your credit report regularly, dispute errors, and see your credit score.


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Credit Karma

Credit Karma’s free credit monitoring tool can help you spot errors, inconsistencies or signs of identity theft on your credit reports so that you can take steps to address them.

Errors on your credit reports shouldn’t go ignored. The information on your credit reports can impact your credit scores and help determine whether you’re approved for a credit card, mortgage or other type of loan, as well as the rates you may qualify for.

Keeping an eye on your credit is a healthy financial habit, but that doesn’t mean you have to pick through your credit reports with a fine-tooth comb. Let’s look at how Credit Karma’s credit monitoring tool works, and how it can make it easier to quickly spot important changes on your Equifax and TransUnion credit reports.


Credit Sesame

Get graded on important credit factors, plus your free score.

See how you score on the most important credit factors and get your free score from TransUnion updated every month.

Understand your best next steps with a free credit strategy.

Get personalized tips on how to manage your credit and loans, based on your credit profile and goals.
Know your best options.

Know if you are overpaying on credit card and loan interest, and see your best options to save money


Life won’t be upside-down forever

  • Know your score & report
  • Plan with tools like CreditCompass™
  • Rest easy with $1MM ID theft insurance




Identity Guard


Over 21 years ago, we helped create this industry – bringing together three bureau credit monitoring, identity theft victim services, and an unparalleled security focus. Since then, we’ve helped protect over 47 million consumers and have partnered with some of the biggest names in the financial industry.

In our pursuit to better protect our customers and clients, we’ve continued to advance our products and address the challenges of the modern world. We recognized the need for a service that focuses on traditional credit monitoring as well as in-depth privacy protection. Our solution was to leverage IBM Watson®. By applying Watson and predictive analysis to mine data and generate customized guidance for consumers in our digital world. Consumers need a partner in safeguarding data and detecting threats and we are ready to fill that need based on our expertise and experience, unmatched in our industry.