If we’ve recently contacted you by phone, mail or email, it’s because a debt you owed to a creditor that remained unpaid was sold to us. What that means is that you no longer owe the original creditor because all ownership of the account and rights to collect on it were transferred to us. Diversified Consumer Services is considered your new creditor replacing your original creditor. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained may be used for that purpose. IMPORTANT: Unless we are returning your call or have arranged a follow-up call with you, as a general rule, we DO NOT call our customers. ALL calls from us will ONLY come from 1-800-657-5785. When in doubt, HANG UP (we won’t take it personally if it was actually us calling) and call us back directly. This is a good rule of thumb in dealing with ANY company contacting you that you did not expect a call from, especially in matters of finance.

Why Did You Contact Me?

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