We do not report debts to the credit bureaus ourselves AT THIS TIME. That only happens if your account ends up with an outside collection agency and the legal amount of time has passed first. We want to be sure you have an opportunity to make payment arrangements and follow them before we do anything like that. As long as you are holding true to arrangements you make, your account will remain in-house.  Additionally, on September 1, 2016 collection agencies are be required to report a full file on a monthly basis, including accounts that are open, that were paid in the last 90 days, or that require deletion or correction. What this means is, if we do turn your account over to a collection agency, there are now mandatory reporting requirements that must be followed. Prior to that date, a collection agency had more flexibility as to when an account would hit your credit reports. This was a great negotiating tool to encourage payment and/or payment arrangements, but under these new guidelines, it is disadvantageous to have a collection account on your credit report paid, unpaid, or paying on. We don’t release accounts to outside agencies until we feel we have exhausted our efforts.

Have You or Will You Report My Account to Credit Bureaus?

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