There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to how long debt collection can be pursued. Laws vary state to state on how long a debt can be pursued. Some laws are even more specific based on whether it is a credit card, payday loan, NSF fee, mortgage, and other classifications as well as whether or not a lawsuit was filed and won, and whether or not a bankruptcy qualified to discharge all or part of the debt.  There are two sure ways to make a debt noncollectable: 1) Payment in full, and 2) Discharging of the debt in Bankruptcy. Beyond those two sureties, you would need to refer to the laws of your state. Most debt such as the type we purchase will EVENTUALLY be deemed noncollectable in any way, but at what cost to you, financially and mentally?  We work with you to make it easier to get that debt paid in full without undue misery.

I Thought All Debts Were Noncollectable After Seven Years. Aren’t They?

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