It is extremely rare that a second LEGITIMATE company has ownership of the same account. Simply put, human error has been known to cause the same account to be sold to more than one company.  BUT, unfortunately, rampant fraud in the credit and collection industry tends to reveal that an ILLEGITIMATE “so-called” company is illegally attempting to collect on the same account.  To date, we have not sold any debt portfolio. In the event we do in the future, we will notify our customers of that action. Please see the previous question for more information. If you get a call or letter stating that, DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS OR SEND PAYMENTS TO THAT COMPANY! While we will NOT advise you to ignore the letter (as it can cause problems if you do), we ask that you contact us first. We may ask you to sign an authorization to exchange information with the other creditor so we can get the account closed at their end. EVEN IF the other company purchased your account without knowledge it was already owned by us, we prevail in these matters. Anyone collecting a payment on an account we own has a legal obligation to forward those funds to us. This does NOT necessarily mean the other company is attempting a scam, but again, see previous question for more information.  BECAUSE WE HAVE THE LEGAL “CHAIN OF TITLE/BILL OF SALE” FROM THE PURCHASE OF ALL DEBT PORTFOLIOS, WE CAN VERY EASILY DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED OR A SCAM ATTEMPT IS IN PROGRESS.

Diversified Consumer Services created VALICATE as a fraud prevention tool that allows you to find out who has owned your account in the past, to confirm that we do own it, and what its status us. This is updated in real-time. This is a free resource. Click below or visit

I received a call or letter from another company claiming they own the debt that you own. True ?

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