When a company closes its doors, it does not erase debts made by their customers. Depending on circumstances, it may be ordered as a part of corporate bankruptcy that the debt portfolio be allocated to creditors the company owed as they are collected. In other cases, the company may sell the debt in an effort to liquidate assets in order to pay their employees and/or creditors. For instance, Bob’s Discount Furniture (solely as an example) issues credit to its customers, but the portfolio is managed by Wells Fargo. If Bob’s Discount Furniture were to close its doors, you would continue to pay your debt to Wells Fargo. If Wells Fargo were to close or sell to another institution, you would then pay the new creditor. Bottom line, when a company dies, the obligations of its debtors do not die with it. Our company does not manage debt portfolios on behalf of other companies at this time, so when your account is processed through Diversified Consumer Services, it is owned by Diversified Consumer Services.

The Creditor I Originally Owed Is Out Of Business! Why Do I Have To Pay You?

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