We do, in fact, record ALL calls from the point of connection to our system. We actually wish recording just started from the time you speak with a representative, but that’s a feature our telephone service provider has not yet implemented. So, if we were bored enough to listen to a call from its connection, we could hear anything you say while listening to menu options, being on hold, and while speaking to a representative. We do not record calls for entertainment purposes. Much like security cameras are typically only viewed by a company if an issue occurs, the same is typically true with recording calls.  Naturally, any voice mail message you leave for us is also recorded. Recordings attached to your digital internal account in our Customer Management System are limited to relevant voice mail messages you leave, verbal authorization you give us to debit your bank account or charge your credit card, or to speak to a third-party, such as an insurance company, attorney, or personal representative.  Additionally, yes, if you are belligerent to our employees, we are likely to attach the recording to your account. Recordings are retained for the time-frame appropriate to the recording itself.

Do you really record all calls or is that just something you say to keep me from being belligerent on the phone?

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